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Guest Invite Tracking

21 Day Tracking

MK Scavenger Hunt

Open House PC

Half Price Hostess Special

$10 off Purchase GC - pub | pdf

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Referral Sheet

Booking Script - Thank you Mary Piatt

Fall Holiday Opinion Sheet

TC Google - Thank you Amy Bowman!

Google Voice Texting - Thank you Amy Bowman!

Botanical Effects

Full Circle Worksheet

A to Z and X is Free! - Tammy Crayk

Beauty of Friendship Letter - Tammy Crayk

Beauty of Friendship Postcard - Tammy Crayk

Bubble Phone Calls Tracking Sheet - Tammy Crayk

Facial Letter - Tammy Crayk

Fill Your Datebook - Tammy Crayk

Fishbowl Followup Scripts - Tammy Crayk

Fishbowl Instructions - Tammy Crayk

Only Booking Script You'll Ever Need - Tammy Crayk

Super Booking Ideas - Tammy Crayk

Words the Work Booking Script - Marilyn Schmucker
Skin Care Survey Postcards
- Tammy Crayk
Poker Chip Hostess Special

Poker Chip Half Price Hostess Special
Working WIth Professional Offices - Candy Bearden
Penny Product
Party Plans Flyer
Secret Pal Instructions
Secret Pal Postcard
Secret Pal Gift Card
Secret Pal Referral Sheet
Deal or No Deal Booking Idea
Deal or No Deal Coupons
Deal or No Deal Labels
Booking Bag Directions
Booking Poem and Letter Game
Book to Look Prizes


Thank you Dawn Leslie Lenz!

Class Script

Roll Up Bag 200 Dawn

Roll up Bag 200

200 Gift Card

hostess brochure

Roll Up Challenge

Warm Chatting - ESSD Debbie Weld

Mary Kay Scavenger Hunt
Text Booking
Phone Etiquette
Power Hour Phone Calls
Booking from Classes & Parties

Follow Up and Follow Through
Overcoming Booking Objections
Perfect/Power Start Booking Script
TimeWise Survey
Booking Tips


Portfolio's and Makeover Contests

Building Business Model Portfolio

Business Portfolio Before and After

Facebook Portfolio


21 Day Booking

21 Day Booking Challenge Supply List

Who Should be on My Contact List

Proven Booking Method

Bubble Tracking Sheet




Preliminary Coaching
Guest Pre-profiling


Hostess Coaching

Outside Order Form

Postcard for Guests | PUB
Poker Chip Hostess Special

Poker Chip Half Price Hostess Special

Hostess Coupons
Hostess Tracking Sheet - Thanks to Veronica Moore

Hostess Sheet - Thanks to Gloria Mayfield-Banks

Hostess Packet: (Put in a nice, clean, professional folder)
Look Books (about 2-3)
Business Card (usually on the pocket)
Recruiting Info (see recruiting packet under team building or just add some company literature)

Hostess Postcard | PUB (you will need to personlized those for yourself or use a generic postcard)


Hostess Rewards

Booking Shot

Hostess Brochure

Hostess Flyer

Hostess Packet - In the Bag - Cindy McClelland

Hostess Credit - its All About You

Hostess - 2 Big Ways - Deb Weld

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Pajama Party - Lori Holman
Bedtime Story

Put Your Face to Bed Invitation PDF | PUB


New Year Selling
January Special
New Year New You
New Year New You Postcard


Super Bowl Selling

Super Bowl Postcard

Super Bowl Pool

Super Bowl Pool Instructions

Valentine Selling

Valentines Day Web Sale
Valentine's Day Special

Pillow Gift for Wife

Guide to Romance

I Love You Gift Basket

Queen for a Day

Booking Hearts

Valentine Special

Gift Tags

Valentine Wish List

Gift Certificate

Valentine's Day Coupon

Girlfriend Gift Certificate

Secret Cupid - Thanks to Melinda Balling

Spring/Summer Selling

Jen's Pedicure Party
Waterless Pedicure Information

Waterless Pedicure Party

Mother's Day Selling

Mothers Day Poem Postcard

Gift Appreciation Days for Occasions

Adopt A Mom | Hostess Tracking

Halloween Selling

Pampering Pumpkin - Deb Weld

Halloween Fun Pack Ghost Hostess - Deb Weld

Halloween Mascary-thon - Deb Weld

Dear BOOtiful Lady Postcards PDF | Word

Same Old Look Driving You Batty Postcards

Halloween Inserts

Halloween Ideas

Halloween Treat Bags Postcards

Ghost Envelope

Halloween Ideas Ghostbuster Month
Halloween Free Mascara
Halloween Gift Certificate
Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag
Fall Harvest Handout
Fall Selling Ideas
Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Halloween Hostess
Bootiful Fun

Halloween Ideas

Spring Selling Ideas :: March - May

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Thanksgiving Selling

Thanksgiving Gift Certificate

Thanksgiving Pampering Gift Dialouge

Thanksgiving Hostess Instructions
Thanksgiving Silent Hostess
Thanksgiving Hostess Turkey Game
Thanksgiving & Black Friday Success

Thanksgiving Day Sale

Fall/Holidays Selling

How to Use the Holiday Portfolio

Twas the Week Before Christmas MK Style PDF | Pub

Your Wish List

Gas Gloves
Happy Holidays Free Lipstick Gift Card

Gift Tags | PUB

Holiday Strategy Handbook

Holiday Strategies

How to Have Successful Open House

Open House Invitation

After Open House

Holiday Open House 101

Holiday Wish List

Secret Santa Wish List

Holiday Action Checklist
12 Days Husbands Letter
12 Days Poems
Christmas Open House Tips
Holiday Extravaganza Basket Outline
Holiday Focus
Holiday Sales Plan
Holiday Time Table
Script to Calling Men
Holiday Book Show
Holiday Gift List
Pillow Gift Dialogue
Snowman Soup
Tis the Season
Top 10 Reasons to Join Now
Holiday Special Postcard - Thanks to Roxy Coursey
Holiday Gift Certificate - Thanks to Roxy Coursey


Christmas by Christy Cox

$10,000 Christmas Cash Plan

10 Reasons to Begin Your Mary Kay Career

$25,000 Christmas

Overcoming Holiday Booking Objections

Christmas Party Themes

Christmas Bucks

Holiday Strategy

Holiday Selling Season

Holiday Wish List

Open House Shopping List