Focus Folder - Cindy Harness

Goal Sheet for Monthly Goals - Cindy Harness

Studio Contract and Fees

Mary Kay Painting the Picture Audio

Project Production (Linda Toupin)

12 Respomsibilities of Recruiters
Consultant Leadership Profile
The Mary Kay Apprentice Program (Tracy Potter & Randi Stevens)

Director's Income Producing Activities (Pat Campbell)

13% Increase Tracking Sheet (Pat Campbell)

Consultant Contact Sheet PDF | PUB
Family Feud Game
New Consultant Chart
Director Excellence by NSD Pam Shaw
New Consultant Tracking
Building Stars One Customer at a Time
Meeting Ideas by Rena Tarbet

New Consultant 8 Week CD

1. Attitude Postcard

2. Building a Strong Tomorrow

3. Customer Care CD Postcard

4. Business Building Basics Postcard

5. Weaving it All Together Postcard

6. Communication Skills CD Postcard
7. Booking Basics Postcard
8. Your Next Step to Success Postcard

Guest Thank You Postcard
$200 Wholesale Thank You
Letter to New Consultants
Husbands Letter
Monthly Order Postcard
Pink Alert
Red Alert
Hoppin to See You
I'm Missing You
MK Success
Searched High and Low
Way to Goal
Wild Thing
You're Amazing
You're a Winner

Living Line Up

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Working With Different Personalities

DISC for Team Building

DISC Personality Assessment

DISC Personality Test

DISC for Team Builders

DISC Personality Types


DISC Temperament/Personality Model

Understanding DISC

Understanding Personality and Behavior Types