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    2 weeks ago by marykayus Go for the gold! ✨ Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Eye Shadows in gold and berry shades create a classic look for any occasion. Link in bio!
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  • Because selfcare is a beautiful thing! MaryKay TimeWise Miracle Set
    7 days ago by marykayus Because self-care is a beautiful thing!  #MaryKay  TimeWise Miracle Set 3D® provides a three-dimensional approach to younger-looking skin, available at the bio link!

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Jennifer Bouse

Senior Sales Director


16 years ago I was an elementary school teacher and coaching volleyball and cheerleading in the high school. My husband and I decided we were ready to start a family and I became pregnant with Makenzie (15 now). Both of us agreed that I would quit teaching to stay at home with our children and so I finished out the year of teaching 4th grade at Willlard. During the middle of the year Mary Kay became an opportunity for me when NSD Asenath Brock, now SNSD Emeritus, recruited me. I found that I could make some extra money and still be at home with Makenzie. I liked the idea of having some “girl time” and not having to ask Kirk for “fun money”. So I started my career with Mary Kay and really started to only make an extra $50 a week and have some personal time, working only 5 hours a week. I worked my business consistently, holding 2 skin care classes each week, making more than $50 a week and loving it! It was just what the Dr. ordered. I saw my self-esteem rise, my relationship with God was stronger and I had some really great girlfriends who cared about me . . . not to mention the extra money was nice! Well, 2 years later, working only 5-10 hours each week, I picked up my first car in Mary Kay, the red Grand Am.  Read More…